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Artist Spotlight – MINX

One of the breakout rookie groups of last year was a five-member girl group from Happyface Entertainment (same company as Dal*Shabet), called MINX (밍스).  The girls are Ji-U (Leader, Lead Vocal,Dancer), Su-A (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocal), Si-Yeon (Main Vocal), Yoo Hyeon (Lead Vocal), and Da Mi (Main Rapper, Sub-Vocal).

Their first single, Why Did You Come To My Home (우리 집에 왜 왔니) was a big hit on my chart in 2014, debuting in the Top 10 and staying there for a decent amount of time.

Their second single was released in July 2015 and was a perfect song for the summer called Love Shake.  At first I didn’t really care for the song since it doesn’t really showcase their vocal range or sassy yet cute attitude like the first single.  Plus the video made them go more toward the sexy route whereas their original single was more of a street smart look.

I mean even the way they sing in this song is where they’re trying to be overly cute.  Honestly, at first it was a bit off putting; until I just listened to the song without the video a few times.  Then you kinda start humming the tune and the Shake It Love… part…

Then I watched the dance video and noticed that they didn’t go too sexy in the imagery other than the really short shorts, but then again, which girl group with a summer song doesn’t?

Then they released the “Real MINX” version… which they just should have called the “Full On Aegyo Version”.  If this is how they really are, then omg…  Just way too cute.  You can see them playing around with each other (at time kinda violently — I mean in fun but still).

So while their second single didn’t win me over as fast as their debut track, it did grow on me after a while.  I’m hoping their next release is a mix of the two… the vocal and visual power of Why Did You Come To My House with the fun of Love Shake.

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