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Artist Spotlight – hyukoh

hyukoh has been getting a lot of attention after appearing on Infinite Challenge recently… to the point where a lot of their former hits have been going back up the charts.  Their prior release Wi Ing Wi Ing hit the top 10…

Another track to check out from earlier this year is Panda Bear… which kinda has a slight retro Puer Kim kinda feel to it.


Comes and Goes hit number 1 on some of the real time charts this past week and is still in the top 10 of most of the rankings.  They first charted with this song on my chart a few weeks back and only peaked in the 90s… the renewed interest made them redebut for July 2015 Week 2’s chart at number 42.  Check it out below if you haven’t.

Their vocalist (Oh Hyuk… see where the name comes from) was also a featured artist on a project EP with PRIMARY on those releases… silly me, thought it was a person.  The notable songs from the EP did fairly well on my charts (all cracking the top 30).

Their latest EP 22 features the current hit Comes and Goes, as well as his own version of the PRIMARY X HYUK OH single “Gondry” in a more dark slow style.  Do check it out for some mellow indie toons that are quite soothing to listen to… if you like that kinda thing.

hyukoh - 22

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