Artist Spotlight – 1PUNCH (원펀치)


1PUNCH (원펀치)

Turn Me Back Promo Shot

1PUNCH (원펀치) is a joint collaboration project from Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment debuting on 2015-01-22.  The group is made up of two members with an eight year age gap between them…  And supposedly both are from the states.


1 (One) (원)

1punch-One Leader of the duo, responsible for most of the rapping.  Born 1994-03-27.

Punch (펀치)


The maknae of the duo, does the singing for the group.  Born 2002-01-17.  Rumored to be Samuel from the PLEDIS group Seventeen (but never debuted); and also said to be Korean/Hispanic


Reminiscent of Seo Taiji and the Boys, even their visual styles are a blast from the past.  Their style is often compared to the group Kris Kross (except there’s more singing).



They also have a witty side to them as well, as seen in the 1theK – Let’s Dance video for Turn Me Back.



Their first mini album “The Anthem” features old school hip-hop/swing type songs that were popular in the 90s.

1Punch - The Anthem Cover

The mini album features 3 songs and the instrumental to the title track Turn Me Back (돌려놔).  The lead single really sounds like something from the 90s, complete with the jackswing beat, heavy synths underlays and sampling.  The video also has visual elements from that time period, complete with winding up the slack of a cassette tape (which doesn’t have any tape in it :P) and even the dancing pays tribute to the moves of the time.


The other two tracks are more on the hip hop side, with Nightmare being the darker of the two.


Ice Ice is halfway in between Nightmare and Turn Me Back with strong hip hop verses but a lighter vocal chorus.


All in all the mini album is very catchy if you like this kind of style and ends faster than I would have hoped. But hopefully this means that soon after this round of promotions are over, it won’t be long until we see a comeback.

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  1. Its funny, I was actually asking myself if there are any hispanic/koreans out there and when I found out about 1punch I looked up their profile and saw under Samuel (aka) punch that he is hispanic/korean. The reason I thought about this is because I am a hispanic and was very curious if there was someone out there that was hispanic/korean.
    I am glad.
    i hope i was not the only one curious about it.

  2. Thanx for the post. I did try to Google their profiles but Not much came up. At first I thought they were brothers but I guess Not. Unfortunately. I Am Not a fan of 90s hip hop and Am disappointed that I couldn’t see much of their musical talents. Hopefully maybe in the future.


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