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So, I asked on Google+ and Facebook what would be things that you wanted to know, and below are basically the questions that were posed.

General Questions:

Guy or girl?


What country/where are you from?

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

How old are you?

hahaha… old.  Would be considered an ahjusshi (아저씨)-fan…. (I’m in my 30s).

What ethnicity are you?/Are you Korean?

I’m Japanese-Okinawan by ethnicity, but born and raised here in Hawaii.

What? No picture?

Newp… maybe at 100k subscribers ?

Favorite Groups/Artists?


Favorite Girl Groups: SNSD, f(x), Girl’s Day, SISTAR
Favorite Female Artist: Ailee
Favorite Boy Groups: BTS, B.A.P, Vixx
Favorite Male Artist: Eric Nam

Why? Not any particular reason… mostly cause they have catchy songs or interesting video concepts.


Armin van Buuren, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Linkin Park, Depeche Mode… pretty much anything…  My musical tastes in general are pretty varied from pop, dance, alternative, rock,

R&B, etc.

Are you really a DJ?

From a basic standpoint yes.  I still have my DJ equipment and do upgrade it every so often.  I do mixsets when I have time (which is pretty limited lately).  I also run an internet radio station that’s currently K-Pop songs 24/7 (provided the servers are running).  I’m hoping to do more mixsets of all kinds (for both standard Pop and K-Pop stuff).  If I do, you’ll see it posted here.

My current setup is:

  • MSI GS60 Ghost Pro Laptop
  • Denon DN-MC6000 MKI (Controller)
  • Virtual DJ Pro 8 (DJ Software)
  • Audition CC 2014 (Audio Recording Software)
  • Xsplit Broadcaster (Broadcasting Software)

How did you get your name?

Actually a friend gave it to me… I like computer stuff… it’s what I do for a day job.  Binary was a bit too geeky sounding, so he suggested I go with the more ubiquitous “Digital” and slapped DJ in the front.  It made even more sense when I moved to CD based mixing and eventually to computer based mixing.

What kind of stuff do you mix?

Mostly it’s pop or dance songs.  I’m not a hiphop type of DJ, and I don’t scratch well at all.  I don’t really mix in key either, but trying to get more into that especially since I like melodic trance songs too.

K-Pop Questions:

How long have you been into K-Pop?

I haven’t been into K-Pop to the extent I am now until around 2012.  I was more into the crossover groups that went into J-Pop since I used to follow that more.  f(x) – Electric Shock tipped me over to more of the K-pop stuff and didn’t look back since.  I like dancey-electro-pop songs so was looking to see what other stuff was out around the time.  The diversity of what I found made me really interested in K-Pop even more so.  Prior to that though, I did have some K-Pop CDs from S.E.S, Cool and H.O.T from when I was in college in the late 90s ><

What made you decide to do these videos?

Basically I loved music charts of all kinds since I was a kid in elementary school.  I would listen to the weekly countdowns on the radio/TV and track the progress of songs.  I’m actually still an avid Billboard chart follower (even though I don’t agree with some of their newer methodologies…).  In intermediate school I started ranking my own favorite songs and even made annual charts back then just for fun.  The hobby carried on until now… though I don’t have enough time to do both a K-Pop and non-K-Pop chart right now, but maybe will in the future.  The turnaround time on non-asian songs is a lot slower since songs stick around forever nowadays… vs. Asian songs only are promoted for around 2 months.

I figured it would be fun just to do as a hobby and for me to practice using video and audio editing software…  That’s another side hobby for me… where I convert old media into digital formats.

How long does it take to make a video?

When it was a top 50 I could crank them out in about 2 hours.  Now with the Top 100, it takes about 3 or 4 hours… all of this doesn’t include all of the time trying to rank the songs.  I do have a program that I wrote to makes it a lot easier to tally the points and keep track of the rankings over time, but it’s still a manual process to rank the 100 songs each week.  And I have to keep up with whatever comes out during the week which also takes time.  There are a lot of songs I listen to each week and about half of them never chart.  Some songs just don’t chart since I just don’t like them… sometimes I actually just forget about them… and you might see some older songs just pop in a few weeks after release just because I overlooked something when doing the rankings…

What do you use for your videos?

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 right now.

K-Drama reviews?

Totally possible… when I have time to really get into dramas again.

Want to know anything else?  Ask me!

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