4Minute (포미닛) is back with their 7th mini album called Act. 7.  This time they’re continuing on with the hard sound they had with their last mini album.

If you remember Crazy (미쳐) and liked that sound, you’ll definitely like this album.

4Minute - Act. 7 Cover

If you were hoping for some down tempo lead track like Let It Rain (추운 비), looks like that’s not gonna happen this time.

Hate (싫어)

The lead single starts off the mini album, and at first you might think it’s going to be a slow song.  Sounds a bit melancholy and slow at first even through the first verse.

Hate (싫어) (Music Video)

Then it builds the the bridge and you’re like, ok, it’s starting to ramp up… Then the chorus just slams you in the face…  And you’re like… YEAH THIS IS MY SONG! *bop bop bop*


Well yeah, it does make you bounce…  Some might find it a bit jarring to go from slow to harsh EDM-ish riffs but I actually kinda like it.  It’s not a really pop-friendly song in terms of a traditional pop song, but it does get points for creativity.

The video also is really nice.  It’s on the simple side but the use of brightness and colors, then contrast it to dark and plain, I really liked.  Though I kinda don’t like their new logo… I keep thinking 3M…you know, tape.  I’m pretty sure that was the intent but…

No Love

This is probably the closest to a regular pop song that’s on the album.  It’s a downtempo song that’s mostly vocals and not as harsh as the title track.  There’s some elements of EDM synths you can hear in the background on top of a R&B beat.

I could see them using this as a additonal promo song for their comeback stages.


Next to the title track, this is probably my next favorite song on the mini album.  This one has a dreamy synth intro that repeats (sorta) throughout.  Kinda wished this was the pre-release single or something and they made a video for it… all I can hope is for this to be preformed as a comeback stage accompanying track.


When I heard the entry, all I could think of was Hyuna’s “Because I’m The Best”… when you hear it, you’ll know why.  It’s kinda on the dark side (like all of the songs on this album).

Overall Review

Overall the album is a decent comeback for 4Minute.  There wasn’t a song that I just wanted to advance over, but it is on the dark side.  I wonder if there should be concerns there…  Or, since it worked out well for them the last time, they’re going to use it for now.  Might be a way to differentiate themselves from the other groups on Cube.  Maybe CLC is gonna be the cutey group with the bubble gum pop songs… Though, I really wanna 4Minute do another What’s Your Name, It’s Poppin’ or even a 2YOON comeback!


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