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K-Pop New Releases – March 2018 Week 2 – K-Pop ICYMI

Get caught up with the latest in ‪#‎Kpop‬ from March 2018 Week 2 ICYMI. This week features new releases from #GOT7 and #BIGBANG

Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for September 2017 Week 3 (week ending September 23, 2017).

AC Block

Choi Ye Guen (최예근) – To Say Sorry (미안하다는 말)
Love Poem (러브 포엠) – Can You Hear Me (듣고 있니)
Piano Man (피아노맨(김세정)) – Wedding Dress (아직도 내가 밉니)
109 – Looks Like It’s Okay (괜찮은 것 같기도 해)
HiNi (하이니) – Body Ache (몸살)
Singil Station Romance (신길역 로망스) – Train Trip (기차 여행)
Baek ji Woong (백지웅) – Cheek (볼)
Acourve (어쿠루브) – I’m Just Sorry (그냥 다 미안)
Pretty Brown (프리티브라운) – Lonesome Day (쉬는 날)
Ali (알리) – Just You (너만)
I’ll (아일) – To My Dear
Oppa Ddal (오빠딸) – Sallang Sallang (살랑살랑)
HEYNE (혜이니) – Insomnia (잠이 오지 않아)

OST Block

Lucia (심규선) – I Don’t Know Love (사랑을 모르고) (Queen of Mystery 2 (추리의 여왕 시즌2) OST)
HAE BIN (해빈) (gugudan(구구단)) – On the Road (길에서) (Radio Romance (라디오로맨스) OST)
Shinae An Wheeler (안신애) – Wild Flower (Children of a Lesser God (작은 신의 아이들) OST)
Taeha & Ahin [MOMOLAND] (태하, 아인) – I Need You, I Want You (원하고 바래요) (Cross (크로스) OST)
Seungkwang [SEVENTEEN] (승관) – Kind of Love (어떤 사랑) (Mother (마더) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block

DOLLY Feat. Pak Kiyoung (달리(황현성), 박기영) – Our Time Together (너와 나의 시간)
Aurorasting (오로라스팅) – Green (인위적 초록색)
BLSG(분리수거) – #DesexualizationGram (#중성화그램)
Ohooband (오후밴드) – Moonlight
Street Guns (스트릿건즈) – Our Neighboorhood Izakaya (우리동네 이자카야)
Zitten (짙은) – Life Is Good
Movning (모브닝) – Twilight of Youth (그날의 우리는 오늘과 같을 수 있을까)
MoonMoon (문문) – Eden (에덴)

EDM / Dance Block

YESEO (예서) – Privacy
FIXL Feat. Alina Renae (픽셀) – Clear To Me (클리어 투 미)

R&B / Hip-Hop Block

BADROOM (배드룸) – Reflection
Wooil Feat. WINN (우일) – Life’s Like Grey
Cherry Coke – Blind
OuiOui Feat. Wilcox (위위) – Thinkin’ Bout You (니 생각)
oceanfromtheblue (오션) – Super Mario (슈퍼마리오)
KINIE.K (키니케이) – Stalking
Part Time Cooks – Light iT
iLLA (일라) – I don’t give a shxx (관계)
Kid Milli (키드밀리) – Why Do Fxxkboys Hang Out on The Net
Ja Mezz Feat. Dok2 & Mino (자메즈) – alchemy (錬金術)
Cheetah Feat. Minos (치타, 마이노스) – Bumpkins (서울촌놈들)
MBA (Most Badass Asian) – Want (원해)
BenAddict (벤에딕트) – Thinking Only Of You (니 생각만)
Skull Feat. Mad Clown & Huh Gak (스컬, 매드클라운, 허각) – Your Record (오래된 엘피)
HOYA (호야) – Angel
Muzie Feat. Space Cowboy (뮤지, 스페이스 카우보이) – I Can’t Let You Go (떠나보낼수없어)
Peakboy Feat. George (픽보이, 죠지) – Shame
Loco Feat. Jay Park (로꼬, 박재범) – Post It (나타나줘)
Maniac Feat. Jessi & Jay Park (매니악, 제시, 박재범) – MoneyMakerz
Junoflo Feat. Jay Park (주노플로, 박재범) – Grapevine (포도주)
DPR Live Feat. Gray – Action!
Heize (헤이즈) – Mianhae

Pop Block

BUBBLE X (버블엑스) – FOLLOW (팔로우)
Jungin & Yezi (정인, 예지) – Love Me (날 사랑해요)
SoYou (소유) – My Blossom
A.C.E (에이스) – 5tar (Incompletion)
Marmello (마르멜로) – Wake Me Up (Actually was part of last week, but it was missed)
Golden Child (골든차일드) – Lady
UP10TION (업텐션) – Candyland
APRIL (에이프릴) – The Blue Bird (파랑새)
NCT 127 (엔시티 127) – Touch
GOT7 (갓세븐) – Look
BIGBANG – Flower Road (꽃 길)

Outro Song

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