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K-Pop New Releases – January 2018 Week 5 – K-Pop ICYMI

Get caught up with the latest in ‪#‎Kpop‬ from January 2018 Week 5 ICYMI. This week features new releases from #RedVelvet and #Suzy #DJDKPOP

Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for September 2017 Week 3 (week ending September 23, 2017).

AC Block

Sin Eun Mi (신은미) – Dansim (단심)
Han-All (한올) – Don’t Hide (숨기지 말아요)
Park Ki Young (박기영) – Walk and Walk (걸음 걸음)
Choco & Vanilla (초코와 바닐라) – Love Affair (부정행위)
Jang Yeon Joo (장연주) – Night Breeze (밤바람)
Midnight Lamp Feat. Nam Hyun Seop (미드나잇램프, 남현섭) – Tell You (오늘은 말해야겠어요)
Jang Hee Young, 6 to 8 (장희영, 6 to 8) – Can We Break Up (이별이 될까)
Cracker Feat. Yoon Hyun Sang & Kim EZ (크래커, 윤현상, 김이지) – Face (표정)
Cracker Feat. Kim Ho Yeon (크래커, 김호연) – One Day (그런 날)
20 Years of Age (스무살) – X
Paul Kim (폴킴) – Premonition (느낌)
Taru X Narachan [Jeong Hyunwoo] Feat. Roda (타루, 정현우) – Think About You (너를 생각하나봐)
Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신) – Slow Starter

OST Block

Kwon Jin-Ah (권진아) – Behind the Page (이별 뒷면) (Flower Ever After (이런 꽃 같은 엔딩) OST)
J.Mee (Lush) (제이미 (더러쉬)) – Tears (눈물이 주륵주륵) (Happy Sisters (해피시스터즈) OST)
Yuna Kim (김윤아) – To You (나인 너에게) (Mother (마더) OST)
Ben (벤) – If We Were Destined (운명이라면) (A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi (화유기) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block

Northpole725 (노스폴725) – SUN
Frankie Summer (정미현) – A Troublesome Night To Explain (설명하기 귀찮은 밤)
Tommy Song (타미송) – Riverside
The Magus (더 매거스) – Child’s Water
Trickyneko (트리키네코) – Scar
Lee Yoohan (이요한) [OFA] – Crazy
DALJOHNBAM (달 좋은 밤) – Hug Me (안아줘)

EDM / Dance Block

Jub (Sunny Hill), FATCAT(주비(써니힐), 살찐고양이) – ADAM & EVE
Z.NU, Feel Good (지뉴, 필굿) – Rendezvous (랑데뷰)
Risso (리소) – Allergy
Soya (소야) – Show
Jay Park X Yultron (박재범, 율트론) – Forget About Tomorrow

R&B / Hip-Hop Block

Kyu Young(규영) – Woo Ya
SLAY (슬레이) – D-DAY
SoulOne Feat. Paloalto (소울원) – Thank U
M&G Feat. COTA & CherryBerry (코타, 체리베리) – Day and Night (밤낮으로)
Kim Areum Feat. Eleven (김아름, 11호) – Breakup Song (이별노래)
XION (시온) – Pass My By (지나가면)
Knave (네이브) – Leave (떠나)
STi Fdeat. Kidd King (스티) – Do Not Disturb (떠날까)
PENOMECO (페노메코) – L.I.E
Babylon & Hwanhee (베이빌론 & 환희) – Everything
Bumkey Feat. Suran & Loco (범키, 수란, 로꼬) – LaLaLa (너의 뒤에서)
Yoonmirae (윤미래) – No Gravity

Pop Block

BKAY Feat. IK Brothers (비케이) – Dance
Kate Kim (케이트 킴) – So Long, Baby
1NB X Two In The Morning (원앤비 X 새벽두시) – The Beautiful Moon (달이예뻐서)
OBROJECT (오브로젝트) – Graduation (졸업)
BLACK6IX (블랙식스) – Alone (쓸쓸해)
2000 Won (이천원) – Ssul (썰)
14U (원포유) – Don’t Be Pretty (예뻐지지마)
LOOΠΔ/Go Won (이달의 소녀/고원) – One & Only
THE BOYZ (더보이즈) – Walkin’ In Time (시간이 안 지나가)
CLC (씨엘씨) – To The Sky
Golden Child (골든차일드) – It’s U (너라고)
Henry (헨리) – Monster
N [VIXX] (엔) – Cactus (선인장)
gugudan (구구단) – The Boots
VAV (브이에이브이) – Spotlight (光)
SUZY Feat. DPR Live (수지) – Holiday
Red Velvet (레드벨벳) – Bad Boy
BoA (보아) – NEGA DOLA (내가 돌아)

Outro Song

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