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K-Pop New Releases – January 2018 Week 2 – K-Pop ICYMI

Get caught up with the latest in ‪#‎Kpop‬ from January 2018 Week 2 ICYMI.

K-Pop New Releases - January 2018 Week 2 - K-Pop ICYMI

Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for September 2017 Week 3 (week ending September 23, 2017).

AC Block

Seo J (서제이) – Like A Movie (영화처럼)
Ahn Seung Hun (안승훈) – Pink Whale (분홍돌고래)
Moondin (무딘) – Different From Me (달라)
5min Feat. Kim Kibum (5분, 김기범) – Are You Sorry (미안하니)
Yun Seokcheol & Echae Kang (윤석철, 강이채) – Passing (처음 먹는 나이)
Jo Kwon (조권) – Lonely (새벽)
Kim Dong Ryul (김동률) – Reply (답장)

OST Block

Hyolyn (효린) – Dreamy Love (스쳐간 꿈처럼) (Money Flower (돈꽃) OST)
Lee Raon & Lim Jiyoung (이라온, 임지영) – Closer (Black Knight (흑기사) OST)
MeloMance (멜로망스) – I Will Be By Your Side (네 옆에 있을게) (A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi (화유기) OST)Sandeul (산들) – One World (Bad Guys: City of Evil (나쁜녀석들: 악의 도시) OST)
Zion.T (자이언티) – Those Days (Without You) (하루 일과) (Prison Playbook (슬기로운 감빵생활) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block

Ashmute (애쉬뮤트) – Ghost
Must Be (머스트비) – Good Work (수작)
SingSing (씽씽) – Chain (굴레)
Hong Hyungi (홍현기) – Loner (외톨이)

EDM / Dance Block

V.E.I.L (베일) – 20th Century
Spring Head Feat. Seoryang (스프링헤드, 서량) – Fall In
Taeyang (태양) – Louder

R&B / Hip-Hop Block

TSUN Feat. Yumdda (티썬) – Refresh (새살)
HALO (할로) – I Don’t Get Caught (잡히지 않아)
Up That Brown (업댓브라운) – What Is It
Basick Feat. JUSTHIS (베이식) – SM58
Orchid Purple Feat. Ztash (오키드 퍼플) – Want Me Bad
2soo – I Know That We Are An Unlikely Couple (알아 우린 잘 안될거란걸)
LONG:D (롱디) – The Girl From Back Then (그리워라)
Junggigo Feat. Boi B (정기고, 보이비) – Timeline
FERDY X jhomie (제이호미) – On The Spot (그 자리에서)
Wel.C (웰씨) – the Stain (얼룩)
JENYER (전지윤) – Because
CHEETAH (치타) – Stagger (비틀비틀)

Pop Block

Nara (나라) – Jealousy
HeeDo Feat. Gunmin (희도, 건민) [B.i.G] – Lonely Night
Jang Woo Young – Going Going
EXP EDITION (이엑스피 에디션) – Stress
NCT U – Timeless (텐데…)
Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) – Full Moon
Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) – Grrr [Law of Total Madness] (총량의 법칙)
MXM (Brand New Boys) – Diamond Girl (다이아몬드걸)
Taeyeon (태연) – I’m All Ears (겨울나무)
Weki Meki (위키미키) – Butterfly (2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Special)
Block B (블락비) – Don’t Leave Me (떠나지마요)
Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간사춘기) – First Love (#첫사랑)
OH MY GIRL (오마이걸) – Secret Garden (비밀정원)
INFINITE (인피니트) – Tell Me

Outro Song

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