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K-Pop New Releases – September 2017 Week 4 – K-Pop ICYMI

Get caught up with the latest in ‪#‎Kpop‬ from September 2017 Week 4 ICYMI.

Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for September 2017 Week 3 (week ending September 23, 2017).

K-Pop New Releases – September 2017 Week 4 – K-Pop ICYMI 1 of 7

1. AC Block

Jang Soobin (장수빈) – Torn (내 꼴이 엉망이야)
Jeong Hwan with Dakbal (정환, 닭발) – I Love You Forever (끝도 없이 사랑해)
Kevin Oh (케빈오) – Sorry (알아줘)
Mackelli (맥켈리) – Crush On You (모르나요)
Paul Kim (폴킴) – The Road (길)
Kim Woo Joo (김우주) – Jokingly, Without Hesitation (우습게,아무렇지 않게)
ANTS X Serri (Dal*Shabet) (앤츠, 세리(달샤벳) – Jakku (자꾸)
015B Feat. Seenroot (공일오비, 신현희와 김루트) – Friend and Lover (친구와 연인)
MAX (최강창민) – In A Different Life (여정)
K.Will (케이윌) – Nonfiction (실화)

2. OST Block

Park Min Joo (박민주) Key (열쇠) (Magic School (마술학교) OST)
Han Hee Jun (한희준) Hug You (안아줄걸) (Autumn Sonata (가을 우체국) OST)
Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그) Normal Day (보통의 날) (20th Century Boy & Girl (20세기 소년소녀) OST)
Car, The Garden (카더가든) – Dream Or Reality (Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo (명불허전) OST)
Huh Gak (허각) Since I Met You (그댈 만난 이후로) (Andante (안단테) OST)

3. K-Indie / Rock Block

NUZ (누즈) – Heulleo (흘러)
Sundae (선데) – Best Friend (짝꿍)
Lee PaNi (이파니) – Nae Ji Tal (내지털 (내장지방털어))
OGON (오곤) – Let’s Fall Asleep Together (나랑 같이 잠들자)
Monzon (몬존) – Double-Bind (이러지도 저러지도)
Collective Arts & Kim Hyunchang (콜렉티브아츠, 김현창) – Alone
Kim Seunghyun (김승현) – Don’t Let Go (놓지마)
DAY6 (데이식스) – When You Love Someone (그렇더라고요)

4. EDM / Dance Block

A-Seed (에이시드) – Crazy (미치겠지)
DJ IT Feat. Nachal & Kang Min Hee (디제이 아이티, 나찰, 강민희) – Keep Going On
U-Know (유노윤호) – Drop

5. R&B / Hip-Hop Block

Zene the Zilla Feat. Don Mills – Totally Hot (뜨거워 완전)
STi (스티) – I Am You, You Are Me
Pair Soul (P.S) (페어소울) – Rae (래)
Maum (마음) – Feel Attracted (마음이 끌려)
Sik-K (식케이) – Earphone (이어폰)
DJ H.One & Justin Oh Feat. Jooheon (저스틴 오, 주헌) – Bam!Bam!Bam!
Ovan Feat. Jannabi (오반, 잔나비) – Clicher (그 영화의 주인공)
Los Feat. Jay Park & G.Soul (로스, 박재범) – Bad (나쁜놈)
Skooby Doo Feat. NiiHwa & DJ Drev (스쿠비두, 니화) – Stan Lee
The Lads (더 라즈) – Bye Bye
Bumkey Feat. Hanhae (범키, 한해) – Hmmm (흠)
P.O Feat. Chancellor (피오, 챈슬러) – MEN’z Night

6. Pop Block

J-BLOCK (제이블럭) – Am I The First? (내가 처음이야)
Idol School (아이돌학교) – High Five (하이파이브)
Yebin & Somi (DIA) (다이아 예빈, 솜이) – Seoraksan in October (시월에 설악산)
Royal Pirates (로열 파이럿츠) – Where U At
SVT Leaders – Change Up
OBROJECT (오브로젝트) – Coffee
Eric Nam X CHEEZE (에릭남, 치즈) – Perhaps Love (사랑인가요)
Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간사춘기) – Some (썸 탈꺼야)
B1A4 – Rollin’

7. Outro Song

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