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Final Fantasy XV Delayed For Two Months

Final Fantasy XV delayed for two moths to fix various issues Sqaure Enix confirms.

Final Fantasy XV

All weekend there were rumours about Final Fantasy XV being delayed for two months due to issues with the game.  A lot of people thought there were problems with the renderings or translations issues, while others like me, were just hoping for the best and they would just release add on fixes.

According to the video posted by the game director Hajime Tabata, the final master version of the game was produced and completed.  This would have been the version that would have been on the discs if you bought a retail copy of the game.  While the game was playable and the content was there, the production team felt that there were some issues with gameplay and various other areas that would need to be fixed.

While the fixes could have been issued as fixes online, the production team did not want to jeopardize users that did not have consistent internet connections and thus decided to delay the game release with the fixes (i.e. a new master version/Day-One version) to November 29, 2016.  They’re promising that this version will be complete with fixes and some extra bonus material.

Tabata also said there will be DLC and other patches once the game is released to further enhance the game, but wanted the base experience to be consistent with everyone.

Here’s hoping there are no other delays and maybe they’ll open up for more Collector’s Editions which sold out twice already.

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