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The Legend – Shadow (MV Review)


Holy… what happened!  The Legend is back with their new single Shadow and they totally went for the sexy image.  Kinda matches the song though…

Their look is a little more uniform in comparison to their prior hits.  I mean I really liked their debut song, Left Out (so much that it went to Number 1 and every one thought I was crazy).

I mean in this video they’re not wearing anything really coordinated in any scene.  I guess to show their individual personality maybe?  That and they look so innocent and in a sense nervous.  But the song, with the strong chorus was just a big win for me.

Then their next single Lost, was just weird…

It had that retro pop song from the 90s sound and it was ok, but it didn’t win me over like their debut song… it did hit the Top 10 though…

The came the album track, I Wanna Know…

It was a really fun song and video where the group just could act silly.  It didn’t do too well chart wise, and not really sure why they went this route other than to extend the promotions for the mini-album.

Then they did a ballad that had a lot of emotion called Trace.  Would have been a bit better if they released it before Christmas since it just has that kind of feel.

Anyhow, back to Shadow.  Just whoa… it is a pop song for sure… complete with the sing-songy woos and chorus.  Also, their outfits are coordinated this time around… either all white or all black… not this mix and match thing.

And to make it more appealing, they went for the sexy look probably to get more fans.  Though it kinda works… not sure if the lead singer needed to show that much skin but hey if it works for them great.  The weird part is the ending when they’re dancing in the rain…  I know it’s supposed to be sexy but to me they look so uncomfortable, like, oh man I’m getting so wet and I can’t see…  Just would be sad if they get really popular due to an image change, since their vocals and songs from the past were actually pretty good.

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