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Stellar – Vibrato MV Review

Stellar is back with a dancey track that reminds me of songs that were popular in the 80s and 90s with it’s slight disco feel yet with highly synthesized backing tracks.  Being a fan since their cute days to their transformation into sexy women (though I really prefer their cute look, but I really like the sexy songs), I was excited for this one.

The video is rated 19, no surprise there; considering the teaser video is just screaming sexual innuendo.  If I have to explain what they are, it really ruins it, so please use your imagination.  Some of the camera shots of them are pretty suggestive too since in the first verse they’re in clear boxes and the cameras are shooting from opportunistic angles.

The breakdown in the middle of the song is a nice tempo shift… and the visual… total nosebleed material if you think (fascinate) what the video is trying to suggest.

The song itself like I said is a dance/discoish track that sounds upbeat.  The song is about a usually confident woman that apparently has been smitten by someone and she doesn’t know what to do.  Typically she’s more of the one in control and knows what she wants; but with this particular guy she just doesn’t know what to do since something about him is different.

Some of the lyrics, especially in the first verse rap might have to be changed since the meaning could be taken two different ways… (just a hint, part of the lyrics hint at “it’s hard like a crystal”… you figure out what the “it” is; innocently it could just mean it’s difficult… but…)… Some of the dancing might also have to be changed since there’s a lot of touching and moving on the ground… and you know how much the censors love that.

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