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Lee Jaewon – Ex-Boyfriend MV Review

So I’m going through potential new stuff for July 2015 Week 3’s chart and ran into this new video for Lee Jaewon’s (이재원) – Ex-Boyfriend (헤어진놈).

At first I wasn’t paying attention to the video at all… just listening to the song itself.  It was pretty catchy in a smooth indie-ish kinda way.  It’s not your typical K-Pop song… it’s something you’ll probably hear on an AC radio station since it has these Jazz and Swing undertones.

There’s some parts of the videos that I don’t want to ruin for people if you want to watch it on your own, so if you don’t want to know what’s in it, then stop here, and watch the video first.

So the video itself has a kinda, you know something is up vibe from the beginning.  A guy is just standing in an alley watching a couple from afar.  He then looks at his phone and some pictures then just leaves.

exbf1exbf2Then you see him just wondering the streets at night and there are flashbacks with what looks like are his friends.  You then kinda just assume, that the girl is his ex-girlfriend and the guy is one of his friends since there are flashback scenes that show the guys just hanging out.

exbf3 exbf6 exbf7 exbf8

As the video progresses you see the guy obviously is still wanting the relationship back, though why he just keeps hanging around the new couple is beyond me…  You would think it would make it worse… but ok.

exbf4 exbf9Then as the video starts to wind down, you just get the feeling, it’s not what it seems… or I’ve been watching too many of these videos.  Some things are kinda giveaways though… even though culturally it’s more accepted for guys to be that close, some things just don’t usually happen… like:

exbf7A little too much longing in the eyes there… and…


At that point I would have just unplugged the headphones… or just used both ><  You don’t need to hear it at the same time…

So by now, you should have guessed… the couple was the two guys… not the girl and the first guy…  K.Will – Please Don’t Much?  Yeah not that original but still, if you wanted that kind of twist in a current song, now you have it.





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