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Flashback Friday – WonderBoyz (원더보이즈) – Tarzan


WonderBoyz (원더보이즈) is a four member group signed to ENT102.  They haven’t had anything as a group for a while, to the point where I think they disbanded.  But this song did pretty well on my chart back in 2013, where they peaked at number 2 for 3 weeks and lasted on my then Top 50 chart for 10 weeks (between May and July 2013).

The regular video featured Girls’ Day’s Hyeri, and plays out like a comic strip… with a kinda creepy person just watching her from afar claiming that he could be her Tarzan. Other than that the song is pretty catchy with it’s reggae-ish pop vibe.

The dance video is also included here.

They’re also known for their break out hit “Open The Door (문을 여시오)” which was remade by Lim Chang Jung (임창정)

Wonder Boys verson:

Lim Chang Jung version:

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