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Get caught up with the latest in #KPop in about 30 minutes with my Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart for June 2016 Week 1

Get caught up with the latest in #KPop in about 30 minutes…

Here’s my Top 100 K-Pop Songs Chart for JUNE 2016 WEEK 1 (week ending June 4, 2016), primarily based on my personal preferences, with some influence from sales rankings, music shows and fan opinion.

This week sees 14 new entries with comebacks from EXID, iKON and more! Can BTS hold on to number 1 for 3 weeks with Save Me?

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[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”Song Index” header_color=”#1e73be”]BTS (방탄소년단) – Save Me
EXID (이엑스아이디) – L.I.E (엘라이)
B.I.G (비아이지) – Aphrodite (아프로디테)
TWICE (트와이스) – Cheer Up
MONSTA X (몬스타엑스) – All In (걸어)
SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) – Pretty U (예쁘다)
ROMEO (로미오) – Nightmare (악몽)
iKON (아이콘) – #WYD (What You Doing) (오늘 모해)
Berry Good (베리굿) – Angel
Jessica Feat. Fabolous (제시카) – Fly
OH MY GIRL (오마이걸) – Windy Day (윈디데이)
Baek A Yeon (백아연) – So-So (쏘쏘)
Amber Feat. Gen Neo (엠버) – On My Own
BTS (방탄소년단) – Fire (불타오르네)
Kei.G (케이지) – Right Here (지금 여기)
FIESTAR (피에스타) – Apple Pie
KNK (크나큰) – Back Again
TAHITI (타히티) – I Want To Know Your Mind (알쏭달쏭)
Jonghyun (종현) – She Is (좋아)
AOA (에이오에이) – Good Luck (굿럭)
Tiffany (티파니) – I Just Wanna Dance
KNK (크나큰) – I Remember (How Are You Doing These Days) (요즘 넌 어때)
Babylon (베이빌론) – Between Us (너 나 우리)
Yang Da Il (양다일) – She Didn’t Love Me (사랑했던걸까)
M.A.P6 – Swagger Time (매력발산타임)
Ailee & Truedy (에일리, 트루디) – I Can’t Live Without You (니가 있어야 살아))
CLC (씨엘씨) – No Oh Oh (아니야)
VIXX (빅스) – Dynamite (다이너마이트)
V.O.S (브이오에스) – My Melody (나의 멜로디)
NCT U – Without You
MC GREE (MC그리) – NINETEEN (열아홉) (라데) – Disrespectful Breakup (존중받지 못한 이별)
I.C.E (아이스) – We’re Incompatible (내가 아까워)
LUNA (루나) – Free Somebody
Park Kyung Feat. Eunha (박경, 은하) – Inferiority Complex (자격지심)
Rap Monster & Jungkook (랩몬스터, 정국) – So That I Love You (알아요)
MIXX (믹스) – Oh Ma Mind
Lovelyz (러블리즈) – Destiny (나의 지구)
Icia (아이시어) – Time Bomb
Amber (엠버) – Need To Feel Needed
Beenzino (빈지노) – At The End Of Saturday (토요일에 끝에서)
San-E Feat. Gary (산이, 개리) – Like An Airplane (마치 비행기)
Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션) – RE-BYE
Nam Woo Hyun (남우현) – Nod Nod (끄덕끄덕)
U Sung Eun Feat. Kisum (유성은, 키썸) – Jealousy (질투)
RoadBoyz (로드보이즈) – Shake It Shake It
Beenzino (빈지노) – Life In Color
AFOS (아포스) – How’re You Doin’ (요즘어때)
APRIL (에이프릴) – Tinker Bell (팅커벨)
LABOUM (라붐) – Fresh Adventure (상상더하기)
Postmen & Air ManGirl (포스트맨, 공기남녀) – Anticipation Is (설렘 is)
BOYFRIEND (보이프렌드) – To My Bestfriend (약속할게)
Sol-T (솔티) – Curveball (돌직구)
MONSTA X Feat. Whee In (몬스타엑스, 휘인) – Ex Girl
Boys Republic (소년공화국) – Get Down
HELLOVENUS (헬로비너스) – Glow (빛이 내리면)
I.O.I (아이오아이) – Crush
Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈) – Jungle Gym (정글짐)
Afternight Project (애프터나잇 프로젝트) – When Love Comes (사랑이 올까요)
Tae Wan (태완) – What Do I Call This Feeling (뭐라고 불러)
Block B (블락비) – Toy
K.Will X Baekhyun (케이윌 X 백현) – The Day
I.O.I (아이오아이) – Dream Girls (드림걸스)
lel Feat. Super Kiro & Wizil (를) – I Wonder (나만 궁금한거니)
Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션) – How People Move (사람들이 움직이는 게)
R3hab X F(Amber + Luna) X Xavi & Gi_wave – Wave
Sam Kim Feat. Crush (샘김) – No Sense (Let’s Leave It) (NO눈치)
Urban Zakapa (어반자카파) – I Don’t Love You (널 사랑하지 않아)
ASHGRAY (애쉬그레이) – Marriage 2016 (결혼 2016)
GIRIBOY Feat. Loco (기리보이, 로꼬) – I’m In Trouble
XIA Feat. The Quiett & Automatic (준수) – Rock The World
KissN & Tam Na (키스엔, 탐나) – Trap (트랩)
Phonebooth (폰부스) – MAI 2016
Dana (다나) – Touch You (울려 퍼져라)
Sleepy Feat. Bang Yong Guk (슬리피, 방용국) – Body Lotion (바디로션)
ZIA (지아) – Farewell Ridden (이별쟁이)
Oh My Girl (오마이걸) – Liar Liar (라이어 라이어)
NCT U – The 7th Sense (일곱 번째 감각)
Taibian Feat. Lee Yuchan (타이비언, 이윤찬) – Solist (솔리스트)
CRA’BEAT (크라빗) – W8 (잠깐만)
Mad Clown & Kim Na Young (매드클라운, 김나영) – Once Again (다시 너를)
Drug Restaurant (드럭 레스토랑) – Mistake
Moonshine Feat. Nucksal (문샤인, 넉살) – So Lonely (외로워서그래)
Jun Hyoseong Feat. D-Action (전효성) – Find Me (나를 찾아줘)
Various (베리어스) – U (너만을 원해)
CoCoSoRi (코코소리) – Exquisite (절묘해)
BgA – Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼)
HEIZE Feat. DEAN (헤이즈, 딘) – Shut Up & Groove
Seo In Young (서인영) – In Your Arms (너에게 안겨)
UP10TION (업텐션) – Attention (나한테만 집중해)
BTS (방탄소년단) – Young Forever
DAY6 – Letting Go (놓아 놓아 놓아)
ASTRO (아스트로) – Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질)
SNUPER (스누퍼) – Platonic Love (지켜줄게)
CNBLUE (씨엔블루) – You’re So Fine (이렇게예뻤나)
G.Soul – Far Far Away (멀리멀리)
Chen X Punch (첸 X 펀치) – Everytime
HISTORY (히스토리) – Queen
N-SONIC (엔소닉) – Excalibur
SaltNPaper Feat. Kim E-Z (솔튼페이퍼, 김이지) – One Heart (오 달아라)[/td_block_text_with_title]
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