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Instiz iChart Top 20 – November 2015 Week 2


The Instiz iChart aggregates chart data from several of South Korea’s music charts into one comprehensive chart. This is the chart that helps to determine if a song has an All-Kill or Perfect Kill status.

Here are the popular K-Pop songs for November 2015 Week 2

You can see the full chart here:

Here’s the complete song index:
IU (아이유) – New Shoes (새 신발)
ZIA (지아) – Sometimes (가끔) (She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) OST)
SoYou [Sistar] X Kwon Jeong Yeol [10cm] (소유, 권정열) – Lean On Me (어깨)
Gary Feat. Miwoo (개리) – Get Some Air (바람이나 좀 쐐)
iKON – My Type (취향저격)
Adele – Hello
IU (아이유) – Knees (무릎)
ChoA [AOA] & Yoo Hee Yeol (초아, 유희열) – That May Be So (그런가봐요)
ZICO Feat. JTONG (지코) – Day (날)
MC Mong (MC 몽) – Like Nobody Knows (아무도 모르게)
Brown Eyed Girls (브라운아이드걸스) – Brave New World (신세계)
IU (아이유) – Zeze
Zion.T (자이언티) – No Make Up (노 메이크 업)
IU (아이유) – The Shower (푸르던)
SoYou, Brother Su (소유, 브라더수) – You Don’t Know Me (모르나봐) (She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) OST)
Taeyeon Feat. Verbal Jint (태연, 버벌진트) – I
f(x) – 4 Walls
Lim Chang Jung (임창정) – Love Again (또 다시 사랑)
IU (아이유) – 23 (스물셋)
ZICO Feat. Babylon (지코) – Boys and Girls

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