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K-Pop ICYMI – October 2015 Week 2 (New K-Pop Releases)


Get caught up with this week’s new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here’s a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, HipHop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for October 2015 Week 2 (week ending October 17, 2015).

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Here are the list of songs–since it’s not ranked, no spoilers here :)!

AC Block:
U Sung Eun Feat. Moonbyul [MAMAMOO] (유성은, 문별) – Nothing
ALi (알리) – The Way The Light (내가, 나에게)
Park Youngjun (박영준) – Rainy Afternoon (비가 내리는 오후)
Jo Beom Jin (조범진) – Dreams of Tomorrow (내일을 꿈꾼다)
Kim Minji (김민지) – Nice Weather (날씨 좋아요)
Dabit Feat. Hayana (다빗) – Up & Down
Acoustic Collabo (어쿠스틱 콜라보) – How Can I Forget (너를 잊을 수 있을까)
Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우) – Rain in Seoul (서울은 비)
Jeon Woo Sung [Noel] (전우성) – Wanna Walk With You (걷고 싶다)
Kyuhyun (규현) – A Million Pieces (밀리언조각)

OST Block:
Hanbyul (한별) – Shooting Star (Sassy, Go Go (발칙하게 고고) OST)
SoYou, Brother Su (소유, 브라더수) – You Don’t Know Me (모르나봐) (She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다) OST)
Wendy [Red Velvet] (웬디) – Let You Know (아나요) (D-Day (디데이) OST)
Eun Jung [T-ara] (은정) – Good Bye (굿바이) (Sweet Temptation (달콤한 유혹) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Sung Nockwon (성낙원) – You Are The One
Le_MeryMos (르 메리무스) – Everyday Together (매일 우리 둘이)
Bamspicnic (밤의피크닉) – Crooked Lips (삐뚤어진 입)
BOYHOOD (보이후드) – How Are You (잘 지내니)
We Are The Night (위아더나잇) – Air Balloon (열기구)
Pavlov (파블로프) – No Time For This (이럴 때가 아냐)
BeautyHandsome (뷰티핸섬) – Won’t You Change Your Mind (나의 여인아)
lalasweet (랄라스윗) – Cynthia

Dance / EDM Block:
Lee Yeonkeun (이연근) – The Player
1% (9999, Hwa.B) – Staaay
Smells & Reno Feat. MFBTY (스멜스앤레노) – Come Alone
House Rulez Feat. Cyber Diva & Hoyeon Kim (하우스룰즈) – Never Die

R&B / HipHop Block:
Broken Lips Feat. Joe Brown (브로큰 립스, 조브라운) – Homework
Kigggen Feat. Basick, Ja Mezz & ESBEE (키겐, 베이식, 자메즈) – Go The Limit (선을 넘자)
iLLA Feat. XOi (일라) – Got Caught (붙잡고 있어)
San-E – Like Father Like Son (그 아버지에 그 아들)
Heize Feat. Jessi & Wheesung (헤이즈, 제시, 휘성) – Me, Myself and I
Yoonhan Feat. Yoon Mirae (윤한, 윤미래) – Beautiful
Electroboyz (일렉트로보이즈) – Diamond (다이아몬드)
Zion.T (자이언티) – No Make Up (노메이크업)

Pop Block:
The Starz (더스타즈) – You Will Love It (그대가 좋아요)
Stephanie Feat. L.Joe (스테파니, 엘조) – Higher (위로위로)
Huh Gak Feat. Basick (허각, 베이식) – Up All Night (밤을 새)
UNIQ (유니크) – Best Friend
ToppDogg (탑독) – O.A.S.I.S
BTOB (비투비) – Way Back Home (집으로 가는 길)
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