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K-Pop Song Chart (Fan Voted) – July 2015 Week 1

Want to see what K-Pop Fans voted for as their favorites for the week?  Watch and find out!

Want to make your voice heard?  Be sure to subscribe and like this video AND list your top picks of the week.

Ways to vote:
1. List your top picks in the comments here on YouTube.
2. Go to my website’s voting page at
3. Email your votes to

1. Can be any K-Pop Song, as long as primarily in Korean or promoted in Korea.
2. Please list the ranking, artist and title.  For example. 1. BTS – Dope!
3. You can vote once each at YouTube, the website page and via email… (yes really, that’s three chances for voting per week).  But you can only do it once per week.  Your first submission is the one that will be counted.

Any questions?! Contact me here in the comments or at

Be sure to tell your favorites, have them subscribe and come back each week to see where your favorites end up!

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There's Still Time To Vote for the K-Pop Chart!
Time until chart resets for this week's voting period
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