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Flashback Friday – 4Minute – Volume Up


This week’s Flashback Friday doesn’t go too far back as previous weeks… this time just to 2012 for 4Minute’s “Volume Up”.

Debuting back in 2009 under Cube Entertainment, 4minute has done mostly pop and dance oriented songs.  Members Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun have either parts in a sub-unit or combination groups, or solo projects such as singing or acting.

They started off their career with Hot Issue in 2009 which was a pop dance hit.  Three single albums later they released Volume Up which was a pretty vocally powerful track.  With a pounding beat and a sexy sex riff it’s got what you need for a good pop hit.  And just listen to Gayoon wail on the chorus.  The video was somewhat dark and sexy but not overly so.  For me, it’s the right mix without over doing it.

They also did a Japanese version of the song as well… which was a B-side to the Japanese single Love Tension.  The video uses the KR version with the JP audio.



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