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Flashback Friday – Cool (쿨) – Sorrow (애상)


Taking you quite a ways back this week for this Flashback Friday… back to 1998.


Cool (Left To Right: Kim Sungsoo [김성수], Yuri [유리], Lee Jaehoon [이재훈])

One of the popular groups from the K-Pop movement in the 90s.  Known for their catchy dance songs and occasional ballads, this trio has released 17 albums/mini-albums and still occasionally performs together on shows (though, usually without the female vocalist Yuri). They broke up once in 2005, but then got back together again in 2008.  Their last new release was back in 2013 with 이별 앞에 서다 (Standing In Front of Goodbye).

I’ve been watching a lot of Hidden Singer lately and there was an episode with the lead singer (Lee Jaehoon) on it singing a lot of Cool’s old songs… and I got all nostalgic.

All of their songs has this sing-songy kind of vibe that can just make you happy.

Here’s the Hidden Singer episode that started it… can you guess which is the real singer?

This song was also performed by Girls Day and ZE:A at Dream Concert in 2013…



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